Sarah W. Denton, MA

Research Assistant, Woodrow Wilson Center 

Anticipatory Innovation Lab 

Research Fellow, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy 



Sarah Denton's research focuses on the ethical, legal, and social impacts of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, lethal autonomous weapons, and advances in the life sciences. Currently, she is assisting Eleonore Pauwels, Director of the Anticipatory Innovation Lab in the Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP) at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, on research projects ranging from artificial intelligence to citizen-driven biomedical innovation. She is also a research fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at George Mason University. Sarah's work at the Institute includes organizing veteran dialogue sessions for the Coming Home Project and serving as a member of the research team on the Biosecurity in the Age of Genome Editing project. 


Sarah graduated George Mason University with a M.A. in Philosophy in the Summer of 2017 and successfully defended her thesis, “Remembering Trauma: The Ethical Implications of Memory Dampening for Sexual Assault Survivors,” which was awarded top abstract at the International Neuroethics Society’s 2017 Meeting in Washington, D.C.


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