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Our Journals

Over 40 Years of Philosophy and Public Policy 

The Institute publishes and archives two premier journals in public philosophy. Ethics, Policy, and Environment is the premier journal at the intersection of environmental ethics and environmental policy. The Institute is home to the archive of Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly, which was started at the Institute in 1981, and is one of the oldest public philosophy journals in the U.S.

Both journals are edited or archived by Institute members. 

Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly

Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly publishes papers that address the normative and conceptual dimensions of issues of importance and timeliness in public policy. Articles typically are fewer than 5,000 words and are written in a style that will appeal to a broadly informed public.The Quarterly is now an online-only and open-access journal. The inaugural issue since the institute was chartered by George Mason University was published in the spring of 2013.

Ethics, Policy, and


Ethics, Policy & Environment offers scholarly articles, reviews, critical exchanges, and short reflections on all aspects of environmental ethics, environmental philosophy, and the normative dimensions of environmental policy. Contributors have have engaged a wide range of subjects, such as applied environmental ethics, animal welfare, environmental justice, development ethics, and sustainability. The journal also welcomes analyses of practical applications of environmental, energy technology, regional, and urban policies, as well as theoretically robust discussions of environmental and energy policies. Benjamin Hale (University of Colorado, Boulder) and Andrew Light (George Mason University) serve as the journal's current editors.

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