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Roger Paden PhD

Associate Professor (Ret.), George Mason University

Senior Fellow, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy


Roger Paden is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at George Mason University.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1981 in political philosophy. He specializes in environmental ethics and aesthetics; and the philosophies of architecture, and urban planning.  He has published over 70 articles in these fields in such journals as Social Theory and Practice, Public Affairs Quarterly, Ethics and International Affairs, Philosophy and Geography, and Ethics, Place, and Environment.  He has published a book entitled Mysticism and Architecture: Wittgenstein and the Palais Stonborough, co-edited a volume of Journal of Art and Art Criticism on the "Aesthetics of Architecture," and is currently working on a series of articles on environmental aesthetics focused on the conception of the Picturesque. 


Paden, R. “The Ethical Function of Landscape Architecture,” Forthcoming in Environmental Philosophy


Paden, R. “On the Use and Abuse of Historical Preservation for the Life of the City: Untimely Meditations on the City and Historical Preservation,” Forthcoming, Architecture/Philosophy


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Paden, R. “Nature, Disorder, and Tragedy: Towards an Evolutionary Aesthetic,” Environmental Philosophy, v. 12, n. 1, 2015, pp. 45-66.


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Paden, R. “Marx and Engels’s Critique of the Utopian Socialists and its Implications for Urban Planning,” in Communism in the 21st Century, v.1, edited by Shannon Brincat (Oxford: Praeger, 2013).


Paden, R. “Philosophical Histories of the Aesthetics of Nature,” Environmental Ethics, v. 35, Spring 2013, pp. 57-77.

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