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IPPP hosts workshop on science policy

The workshop will focus on the role played by values — epistemic or otherwise — in scientific inquiry, and its implications for the manner in which science is used to inform policy and for the way in which science is funded and organized. 

The workshop is organized by the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy in collaboration with the undergraduate Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program at George Mason University. The workshop is free and open to the public. Each presentation lasts for one hour.

Questions can be directed to the organizer, Erik Angner, via email.

Preliminary program 

Friday May 23 

1:00 pm Andrew Light, George Mason University: TBA

2:00 pm Karen Kovaka, University of Pennsylvania: "Navigating the Tradeoff between Generality and Prediction in order to Bring Evolution in to Ecology"

3:30 pm David Morrow, University of Alabama at Birmingham: "Ethics and Policy for Dangerous Research"

4:30 pm Jonathan Moreno, University of Pennsylvania: "Mind Wars: Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century"

Saturday May 24

8:30 am JD Trout, Loyola University Chicago: "Democracy and Scientific Expertise"

9:30 am Chad Gonnerman, Michael O’Rourke & Daniel Steel, Michigan State University: "Philosophical Engagement with Scientists: Attitudes on Values in Science" 

11:00am Wendy Parker, Durham University: "Values in Policy-Relevant Computational Modeling"

1:30 pm Liam Kofi Bright, Carnegie Mellon University: "Citizens Advisory Panels" 

2:30 pm Chris DiTeresi, George Mason University: "Fruitfulness as Cultivation: Model Organisms and Values in Developmental Biology"

4:00 pm David Levy, George Mason University, & Sandra Peart, University of Richmond: "The Ethics Problem: Towards a Second-Best Solution to the Problem of Economic Expertise"

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