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IPPP hosts symposium on Sustainability and Resilience with Mason President, Angel Cabrera

President Ángel Cabrera invites you to attend the Symposium on Building Sustainability and Resilience. As the recently released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report confirms, the world is facing serious environmental challenges. Over the past several years, George Mason University has been investing significantly in a range of initiatives in the physical and social sciences and in innovative policy collaborations in order to position the university as a leader in creating solutions in support of a sustainable future. This event will showcase Mason’s expanded capacity for research in climate change response and resilience.

Our distinguished special guest will be Molly Ward, Secretary of Natural Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Featured Speakers

James Kinter (Director, Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies)  Andrew Light (U.S. Department of State, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy)  Thomas Lovejoy (University Professor of Environmental Science and Policy)  Edward Maibach (Director, Center for Climate Change Communication) Jagadish Shukla (Distinguished Professor of Climate Dynamics)  Gwynne Taraska (Interim Director, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy)

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