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Andrew Peterson publishes new paper in Neuroscience of Consciousness

Andrew Peterson publishes a new opinion paper in Neuroscience of Consciousness titled "Consilience, clinical validation, and global disorders of consciousness". Read the full paper here.

In his new article, "Consilience, clinical validation, and global disorders of Consciousness," Peterson explores how recent advances in neuroimaging may resolve the problem of errors in diagnosis of global disorders of consciousness. Misdiagnosis of disorders of consciousness occur when behavior is misinterpreted and when awareness is not adequately assessed. 

"Providing the right diagnosis is imperative, yet diagnostic accuracy of global disorders of consciousness remains one of the most challenging obstacles of modern medicine. Novel methods of assessment may offer a solution. Yet these methods require clinical validation before inclusion in standard diagnostic protocol", he states.

Peterson proposes an approach to clinical validation motivated by reasoning by consilience, a mode of reasoning that assigns a degree of plausibility to a hypothesis based on its fit with multiple pieces of evidence from independent sources. Peterson argues that this approach may be a useful framework for optimizing future clinical validation studies in the science of consciousness.

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