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This month marks a return and a new addition to the members of the Institute of Philosophy and Public Policy. Dr. Elizabeth Lanphier is rejoining as a Research Fellow and Dr. C. Anthony Pfaff is joining as a new Distinguished Senior Research Fellow.

Upon her return, Dr. Lanphier expressed her plans for the next year:

"This year a key project in philosophy and public policy that I am working on is the 'Bioethics with Bigger Impact' virtual talk series, which brings together contributors to a special symposium in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine that I co-edited with Dr. Larry Churchill (Vanderbilt University, Emeritus). The symposium, and the Bioethics with Bigger Impact series, explores expanded roles for bioethics and bioethicists in policy and public domains on topics related to the environment and climate change, reproductive and transformational justice, science communication, and more."

In terms of joining the institute, Dr. Pfaff expressed his enthusiasm by saying:

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Institute and its mission to advance philosophy’s contributions to public policy. Thanks to the team for bringing me on!”
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