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Our Alumni

The Leading Edge of Public Philosophy

Since its founding, the Institute has been a home to many scholars who have launched prestigious careers in public philosophy. These scholars, serving as either resident scholars or visiting fellows through the Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Program, have laid the disciplinary foundations for public philosophy.

  1. Peter G. Brown, Professor in the School of Environment and the Departments of Geography and Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University.

  2. C.A.J. Coady, Professorial Fellow in Applied Philosophy, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne; Boyce Gibson Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Melbourne.

  3. David Crocker, Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland.

  4. Arthur Evenchik, Assistant to the Dean for Special Projects, College of Arts and Sciences, Case Western Reserve University.

  5. Robert Fullinwider, Lecturer, Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University

  6. William Galston, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution.

  7. Verna Gehing, Independent Scholar.

  8. Mary Gibson, Professor Emerita of Philosophy, Rutgers University.

  9. Amy Gutmann, President, University of Pennsylvania.

  10. Nancy Jecker, Professor of Bioethics and Humanities, School of Medicine, University of Washington.

  11. Steven P. Lee, Donald R. Harter ’39 Professor of the Humanities, Hobart and William Smith College.

  12. Daniel Levine, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland.

  13. Peter Levine, Director of Research and Director of CIRCLE, Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, Tufts University.

  14. Xiaorong Li, Independent Scholar and human rights activist.

  15. Judith Lichtenberg, Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University.

  16. David Luban, University Professor and Professor of Law and Philosophy, Georgetown University Law Center.

  17. Douglas MacLean, Professor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

  18. Claudia Mills, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Colorado.

  19. Richard D. Mohr, Professor of Philosophy and of the Classics, University of Illinois‐Urbana.

  20. Bryan Norton, Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Philosophy and Policy, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology.

  21. Thomas Pogge, Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale University.

  22. Mark Sagoff, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, George Mason University.

  23. Jerome Segal, President, Jewish Peace Lobby.

  24. Henry Shue, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford; Professor Emeritus of International Relations, University of Oxford.

  25. Alan Strudler, Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

  26. Robert Wachbroit, Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Public Health, University of Maryland School of Medicine.

  27. Alec D. Walen, Professor of Philosophy and Law, Rutgers University School of Law.

  28. David T. Wasserman, Faculty, Department of Bioethics, National Institutes of Health.

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